About Matthew Williams-Ellis: Travel Photographer


Matthew Williams-Ellis is a London-based travel, documentary and landscape photographer, who has received recognition in Travel Photographer of the Year four years running. He produces commercial imagery for the travel industry, creates online content and runs on location photography holidays and workshops. Matthew loves spending as much time as possible exploring the world, both on assignment, and working on personal projects such as his exploration of 6 minute exposures, and new youtube channel ‘Photo Escapes’.

He is passionate about the variety of challenges and photographic opportunities that travelling presents, whether it be heading to the top of a volcano for sunrise, capturing the everyday lives of local people in a market, or taking on -40 degree temperatures inside the arctic circle. No effort is spared in seeking out those once in a lifetime shots!



Matthew is currently working on an exploration into 6 minute exposures based around the concept that we have the power to make decisions that create more time to follow our passions and as a result, make our lives more enjoyable and stress free. The idea was born after quitting his corporate desk job the very same day that he qualified as an accountant after 6 long years of training. More information can be found at http://www.matthewwilliams-ellis.com/6-minutes-long-exposure-photography-project/.


After leaving his job as an accountant in 2014 and spending time traveling around Latin America, Matthew had his first solo exhibition, ‘Photographic Tales from Latin America’ in October 2015. Through a series of short photo essays from Ecuador, Peru, Bolivia, Chile and Argentina, the collection of images offers encounters with Argentinian Gauchos, displays the power of impressive Patagonian landscapes, takes you to the 5,897m glacier-covered summit of Cotopaxi Volcano and introduces you to many more people and places.



To join Matthew on his photographic adventures around the world and for news of upcoming travel photography workshops and exhibitions, sign up for his newsletter (http://www.matthewwilliams-ellis.com/keep-in-touch-matthew-williams-ellis-mailing-list/) or keep in touch on facebook (https://www.facebook.com/matthew.williamsellis).


National Geographic Traveller Magazine – Fully illustrate an article about Sri Lanka

Nikon – License six photos for web development, in a new section focusing on binoculars

Magic of Lapland – 3 week commission to Lapland to produce landscape and commercial photos for a complete re-brand and new website (which has subsequently won awards)

Alto Atacama Desert Lodge and Spa – Produce landscape images of local area, clients on excursions and accommodation photography

Kallpa Tour Operator – 2 month commission to Argentina and Chile producing an image library

Cazenove and Loyd – Join a fam trip to Ecuador to produce advertising photographs and behind the scenes photography blogs

Secret Adventures – Numerous adventure photography commissions including canoeing across Scotland and Kayaking excursions through the centre of London

Cook Islands Tourist Board – Exclusive use of photos taken while visitng the islands

Cook Islands Sun – Produce images for, and write an article titled ’10 Tips for Photographing in the Cook Islands’